The quality and affordable education I have been fortunate to receive throughout my life has laid the foundation for my entire career serving our country. I graduated from Randolph Central School, a great public school right here in the Southern Tier, and I earned a Navy ROTC scholarship to put myself through college. Education_1.jpgEvery American child deserves to have the opportunity for the same quality and affordable education that I’ve had, but unfortunately we have significant work to do in Congress to make that vision a reality. 

Universal Pre-K

My sister is a public school teacher here in Western New York, and she knows firsthand that early preparation is critical to a student’s success in school.  The evidence is irrefutable – few factors contribute to a student’s future success more than a quality Pre-K education that provides the foundation for later learning.  I will work to ensure high-quality, affordable, and accessible voluntary Pre-K for every student, regardless of their parents’ income level or where they live.

EducationAffordable Access to College

Our country is home to the best colleges and universities in the world. Yet for too many Americans, this higher education system is falling out of reach amidst skyrocketing tuition costs. We need to expand access to college to more Americans from all backgrounds and income levels.  That starts by making the cost of a degree more affordable, and by ensuring that student loans are affordable as well. We should also protect and expand ways for students to attend college and pay back their education through service to our country. In Congress, I’ll work to protect the GI Bill which has provided millions of American veterans with a quality and affordable college education and examine ways in which we can provide similar programs for those serving our country at home.



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