Family HikeGrowing up in the Southern Tier, I spent most of my free time enjoying our beautiful outdoors – our parks, woods, lakes and streams. I know how important it is to be a good steward of our environment, and I will support efforts to protect our soil, air, and water.

I know that as we continue to grow, the United States will continue to seek new sources of energy.  An “all of the above” energy strategy is the right solution for the United States for now, but far too often politicians hide behind that slogan as an excuse to do nothing except take more campaign donations from fossil fuel companies.  As a result, our current energy policy relies far too much on foreign sources, and results in far too high a rate of carbon emissions.  The failure of the United States Congress to lead on this issue allows not just the United States to continue down the wrong path, but also gives an “out” to other nations around the world that look to the United States for leadership.  

FishingIn contrast, I support a true “all of the above” strategy that takes into account the need to truly diversify our energy supply.  To do that, we need reliable energy policies that provide the market signals necessary to support the transition to new technologies.  I will support efforts to reduce emissions from fossil fuels, by adopting technology to minimize emissions from these fuels, improving efficiency – which reduces power requirements and therefore reduces emissions, and by encouraging the use of clean energy.  I will fight to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and energy efficient technologies, to include solar, wind, biofuels, hydropower, geothermal, and other types of clean energy technologies.  And I will also support the development of new, safe nuclear power in the United States, which like renewables has zero carbon emissions.



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