I have devoted my entire life to defending the United States in the Navy, in the Pentagon, and at the National Security Council.  I am committed to ensuring that our defense and foreign policies protect our nation against a wide range of security threats, from China to Russia to al-Qaeda to ISIS and other extremist groups.  National SecurityI believe a strong national defense is critically important to protect our citizens from harm both at home and abroad, and that a strong military governed by responsible democratic institutions can truly be a force for good. In Congress, I will work to provide our armed forces with the necessary equipment, resources, and policies they need to effectively protect our nation.  I will not play politics with our national security.

But spending more money does not make our country safer – spending money more wisely and effectively does. This means ensuring that every dollar spent on defense is done so based on the operational requirements of our military and the range of threats we face.  I know we can best support my fellow service members by doing a better job of carefully examining our policies and acquisitions to improve efficiencies, eliminate waste, and ensure we are meeting requirements in the most cost-effective means possible.

National Security
With so many of my family and friends in the service, I know first-hand many of the costs of conflict. In Congress I will continue to fight to make sure our country stays safe with a responsible national security agenda that respects the values we hold dear as a nation.  I believe that we must always retain the option to use military force to defend our safety, but I also know that our security – and our fighting men and women - are best served when we promote diplomatic solutions ahead of military ones.  



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John Plumb is a member of the United States Navy Reserve. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or Department of Defense.

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