Womens Health 1Every American deserves access to quality and affordable health care.  It should be obvious that this includes women.  Unfortunately, this is not obvious to everyone in Congress.  Over and over again, members of Congress have focused on restricting, limiting, or outright preventing women from being able to access quality healthcare, especially reproductive care—doing so in order to score political points, jeopardizing access to essential services such as breast cancer screening, basic OB/GYN healthcare, STD screenings, birth control, and rape crisis care.  Such actions are irresponsible, uninformed, and dangerous.

Women HealthReproductive Rights

I know that abortion is a deeply divisive issue in America.  I believe that such deeply personal decisions, including abortion and other reproductive issues, should remain between a woman, her family, and her doctor.  The government – especially the Congress - should stay the [heck] out.  We must protect health and reproductive rights for all women, and ensure that no matter where an individual lives, they have access to the care they need. 

Contraception Access

I am continually surprised by opposition to birth control access, which is the best way to reduce abortions and protect women’s health. When bosses seek to prevent their employees from having birth control covered by insurance and when politicians try to take away access to family planning services, women’s health is put at risk. I will fight to ensure that all women are able to access birth control in order to make their own decisions, no matter where they live and no matter where they work.




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