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FACT-CHECK: Congressman Reed’s Unacceptable Attacks Call for a Reminder of Exactly Where Commander Plumb Has Worked to Keep Us Safe from Terrorism

Jamestown, New York – Congressman Tom Reed again attacked Commander John Plumb’s military service, saying he has refused “ to take meaningful action against terrorism.” The following is a response from Commander Plumb’s campaign, along with a map outlining all of the locations around the globe that Commander Plumb has served to keep us safe from terrorism.

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Again, Tom Reed needs to be reminded: When the country calls, you go where you're asked

Jamestown, New York – U.S. Navy Reserve Commander John Plumb, a submarine officer and 4th generation Western New Yorker running for Congress in New York's 23rd Congressional District, again released a map of locations he has been asked to go in service to our country while in the Navy and at the Pentagon to once again remind Congressman Tom Reed that when our country called, John Plumb always answered.

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Congressman Tom Reed Busted for Willfully Misleading Constituents

Rep. Reed tried to cover up tracks after fraudulently impersonating opponent Commander John Plumb

Jamestown, New York – Not only did Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign mislead voters and raise money off of a fraudulent impersonation of his opponent, Naval Reserve Commander John Plumb – but now Reed got busted for trying to cover up his tracks.

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Tom Reed’s True Record on (NOT) Keeping America Safe

Reed’s Republican Colleagues Say He Undermined National Security

Jamestown, New York - Congressman Tom Reed’s own Republican colleagues in Congress disagree with his campaign’s claims that he’s been "at the forefront fighting for protections for the American people.” In fact, his Republican colleagues from New York pleaded with him to prioritize the safety of New York and our country, yet Reed still voted to shut down Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Rep. Reed also voted on 12 separate occasions to allow suspected terrorists to purchase guns, including a vote two days after the Orlando gunman, formerly on the terrorist watch list, used a legally purchased assault rifle to kill 49 people. [1]

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