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John Plumb buoyed by in-district support

Democratic Challenger raises over $150k between October and December

Jamestown, New York - John Plumb, the Randolph native and Jamestown Area Democrat, reported raising $151,407.53 between October and December. He also reported having $293,846.26 on hand.

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As Government Shutdown Looms, Tom Reed Tries to Cover-Up His Own Tracks (Again)

Reed voted for resolution that led to 2013 shutdown, voted sixteen times against re-opening government, tries to cover up own tracks with phony shutdown “fix”

Jamestown, New York – As the threat of a government shutdown nears in less than 10 days, Congressman Tom Reed is attempting to cover his own tracks in hopes that voters forget that he voted for the shutdown and against re-opening the government in 2013.

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Plumb Responds to Congressman Reed’s Thanksgiving Day Attack

Congressman Reed attacks John Plumb for his lifetime of service

Jamestown, New York — Congressman Tom Reed recently displayed a new level of political desperation when he used the Thanksgiving Holiday as an opportunity to email around a video attacking his opponent, US Navy Reserve Commander John Plumb, for his lifetime of service to our nation.

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